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Harness the almighty power of technology, web design, and razor-sharp strategy to attract, engage, and convert visitors. With Code of Arms Design Studio in your corner, you can outshine your competition and conquer your market.

Your target audience is tech-savvy. Through every stage of the customer journey, they turn to the internet to inform their decision-making. They leverage search engines and social media. They use mobile devices and scroll through user reviews. If your digital strategy is unfit to meet fast-moving audience expectations, your business will be left in the dark ages.

We empower you to bring your audience a seamless digital experience that adds value, builds genuine connection, and transforms web visitors into loyal customers. Our approach is not set-and-forget. Technology evolves at lightning speed, so we take a modern, holistic, and iterative approach to digital strategy and web design. As a result, you stay one step ahead of the competition.

The best bit? You only pay for the services you actually need. We are a Canadian micro-agency specializing in supporting small and medium-sized businesses. With lower overhead, you don’t get stuck paying for someone’s office ball pit. Instead, your cash is focused on what matters: connecting with qualified leads, automating customer touchpoints, and delivering exceptional service.

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Reclaim your cyber throne: The Infinity Plan

Traditional website design is doomed by one fatal flaw: it’s not customer-focused. Sure, a shiny new website can make businesses feel good about their online presence. But, if user insight and understanding are not embedded into every menu item, page, paragraph, and call to action, prospects will exit your site fast.

User-friendliness and customer experience are just the beginning. As a business owner, leader, or stakeholder, you may not have the time to update your website’s information as your products, services, and operations adapt. The result is inaccurate and incomplete information. You know this, but exorbitant web development costs keep your site unchanged – sometimes, for years and years.

Enter: The Infinity Site Plan. Websites are never a finished product. That’s our unique philosophy, and we leverage data from user activity and search engines to continuously fine-tune your website for maximum ROI.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Expand your online kingdom

BisTrack Development

Calling all independent building materials suppliers and distributors ready to level up their business and supercharge their growth. We are BisTrack ERP software integration specialists who can transform your brick-and-mortar shop into a dynamic online experience for customers and staff.

Epicor’s BisTrack is founded on 50 years of industry experience, empowering you to streamline your end-to-end order and delivery process. With a purpose-built and personalized ERP, your business benefits from the following: Real-time data, operational reports, and intuitive dashboards that pave the way for proactive decision-making and strategic growth. Seamless eCommerce experience for your customers, with added security for peace of mind. Enhanced visibility across stock levels, buying behaviours, and sales histories for improved warehouse productivity. Dispatch and delivery that delights your customers every time.

Whitelabel Services for Creative Professionals and Agencies

Take your business’s service offering to the next level by adding fully-integrated, top-quality digital strategy and web design to your arsenal. Leave the heavy lifting to us, and we’ll work diligently behind the scenes to make your brand look good.

Supporting Indigenous Businesses

Code of Arms Design Studio is a proud supporter of Indigenous businesses and organizations across Canada. We recognize and deeply appreciate the contributions Metis, Inuit, and other Indigenous peoples have made in shaping our country as a whole. We are committed to reconciliation and work hard to uplift Indigenous voices, businesses, and organizations while respecting traditional lands and values. We are proud to live and operate our business on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabek, Haudenosaunee, Lūnaapéewak and Attawandaron.

Websites for All!

Websites are part of the public space and should be accessible to all. Code of Arms strives to follow ADA compliance best practices. For optimal accessibility compliance, Code of Arms uses and endorses a special, unobtrusive, AI-powered plugin to ensure that current and future content is available to all in accordance to the ADA and WCAG 2.0+ guidelines.

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